10 Reasons Why You Need a Vinyl Sign and Label Printer for Your Business


Reasons To Buy A Vinyl Sign & Label Printer

On average, over 2 million people suffer work-related injuries each year. Most of these accidents occur due to slips, falls, and contact with heavy objects or equipment.

Often, injuries like these could be avoided with proper signage. This is especially true for fast-paced environments like warehouses. If your business doesn’t have a machine that prints the signs you need on demand, you should consider getting one. This can help you run a safer facility and avoid many common accidents and injuries as a result. 

Still not sure a sign and label printer is something your company needs? Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why you might need an industrial sign and label printer for your business.

Ensure OSHA Compliance

Safety is of the utmost importance at any workplace. By using the proper signage, you can communicate the required protocols for different areas of your workplace. Safety signs should alert your workers to key policies or procedures. This will help ensure that your workers know how to protect themselves. 

In many cases, clear and proper signage is required by OSHA. For example, every facility must have proper signage directing workers where to find the first aid kit or fire extinguishers. There must also be danger, caution, and accident prevention tags to help workers in a variety of situations. 

In a facility where things may change often, it’s important to notify workers right away. Instead of ordering a pre-printed sign and waiting weeks for it to be delivered, you could update your signs in real time.

Reasons To Buy A Vinyl Sign & Label Printer

Deter Workplace Injuries and Accidents

With an industrial vinyl printer, you can help prevent injuries and accidents from happening at the workplace. Many of these problems arise from a lack of clear labeling. 

For example, perhaps a liquid spill happens. Workers would need to know where to locate a clean-up kit and a sign that states there is a slippery surface. If workers are unaware of where to go for these things, then that spill remains on the floor for longer and longer. This increases the odds of a worker coming along and slipping on the spill and getting hurt.

Help With Safe Chemical Storage

It is vital to the safety of workers to know where to store certain chemicals. A mix-up of certain chemicals could lead to serious problems. Some chemicals are combustible or corrosive and require placement within sealed bins. By using a label to mark where specific chemicals go, you can help workers avoid an injury or accident.

Prevent Mix-Ups

Does your business involve cataloging items or storing inventory or equipment in specific locations? If so, custom printed signs and labels can help with this! These labels will help workers identify the proper storage area fast and avoid any errors in the future.

There’s even a magnetic vinyl option that can be moved throughout your warehouse as often as needed, which ensures that your metal shelves always stay clean and organized.

Avoid Traffic Jams

If your business is a busy place filled with people rushing to and fro, or driving equipment, then traffic jams can happen. By using a sign printer, you can help identify the layout of the building. You can get creative in how you identify areas of the building, such as color-coding or pointing arrows toward exits.

Keep Track of Raw Materials

If your business has an assortment of raw materials, then labeling can help workers correctly identify each one. Certain materials can end up appearing similar. To avoid a worker using the wrong material or storing it in an improper location, labels will help avoid any confusion.

Organize Storage Areas

Organization is essential to helping the workplace have a smooth flow. Workers need to know where to place equipment and items. If they feel uncertain or become lost, this slows down production. You can use labels to help mark aisles and shelves.

Safeguard Heavy Equipment

Certain heavy equipment requires instructions for how to handle it. Sometimes these labels are required by state law or OSHA to help protect workers.

You can use vinyl signs or labels to help clearly show what the equipment is and to direct people toward instructions for handling. Equipment, like forklifts or pallet jacks, sometimes also require training before they can be used. If that is the case, stickers can also show that if a worker hasn’t yet received certification for using the heavy equipment, they shouldn’t touch it.

Create Durable Floor Markings

When used alongside proper signage in a building or warehouse, floor markings can help workers and visitors navigate the area safely. These markings can indicate storage areas, heavy equipment routes, passageways, trip hazards, and so much more. With the right printer and vinyl products, you won’t have to worry about your floor markings being damaged or removed with regular use.

Reminders for Clean-Up Procedures

Keeping the workplace clean is essential to preventing injuries and keeping production rolling. A messy environment can hamper activity and also cause accidents. With clear labeling, you can help direct workers on the steps they should take every day to clean up after themselves. By keeping the work environment tidy and following a daily procedure, workers will be able to stay to a schedule and avoid injuries.

VnM PrintersReady to Create a Safer, More Organized Workplace?

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to buy a vinyl sign & label printer. From labeling shelves and equipment to providing safety signage on demand, an industrial printer can help keep your business organized and safe. If you’re ready to start printing your own signs and labels fast, with no PC needed, contact us today!

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