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Cobra Systems VnM Magnetic Vinyl Tape Many Possible Uses

VnM® Magnetic Vinyl: Temporary, Non-Adhesive Signage Solution for Metal Surfaces

Our VnM White Magnetic Vinyl is ideal for any situation for your business that requires a magnetic sign or label. Its durability and flexibility make it perfect for use on metal surfaces such as rack systems, vehicles, machinery, and doors. It won’t dry out or crack due to its lack of plasticizers and can withstand varying temperatures from -40° F to 160° F, making it perfect for any climate, hot or cold.

With a magnetization of +/- 0.002, VnM Magnetic Vinyl ensures a strong connection on any metal surface. Lead-free VnM White Magnetic Vinyl is included in all rolls and stays secure even through rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

For best results, be sure to apply the sign or label onto clean and dry surfaces – newly painted and uncured surfaces are not advised. Get ready for years of use with VnM White Magnetic Vinyl!

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