Workplace Safety

Did You Know?

Workplace injuries and fatalities are on the rise. Workers continue to be injured or killed by machinery, electrocution, slips & falls, and other hazards at work.



The number of workers forced to miss time from their jobs due to injuries from contact with objects and equipment.



The percent of 888,220 nonfatal work injuries in 2019 that resulted in multiple days away from work-related slips, trips, and falls.


2.4 million

The number of workers that sustained work- related injuries and were treated in emergency rooms in 2019

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Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

With more than 1 million serious workplace injuries each year in the United States alone (OSHA), it’s clear that many companies aren’t doing enough to protect their workers.

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A Personalized Approach to Workplace Safety

When it comes to ensuring a safer workplace, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

Workplace Safety Products

Take a systematic and methodical approach to safety in the workplace.

At Cobra Systems, we provide industrial workplaces with the most up-to-date, safety-compliant workplace safety products, such as high-quality industrial printers, signs, labels, and stickers. We use our 30 years of expertise to assist our customers and provide them with the most effective safety solutions possible. Our workplace safety products will help your employees avoid injuries and accidents, boost productivity, and improve your brand’s reputation.


The VnM4 Pro SignMaker is a stand-alone (no PC needed) printer capable of printing 1″ to 4″ signs and labels.

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The VnM8 SignMaker is a stand-alone (no PC needed) printer capable of printing 4″ to 9″ signs and labels.

VNM printer

Stand-Alone Printing Solution

for all of your industrial signage and label needs

We offer several different size options and with their portability, you can print any sign you need from anywhere within your workplace.


Key benefits with using a VnM printer


Prevent costly workplace accidents

with our OSHA compliant hazard warning signs. We offer practical solutions that will enable you to custom print on industrial-grade vinyl signs.

Avoid time consuming traffic jams

by creating custom wayfinding signage specific to your workplace’s layout.

Tidy up your workplace

with custom house-keeping reminders.

Eliminate confusion

with custom shelving and storage labels that will direct your team members to the right location for the right products.

Eradicate miss-picks and inaccurate inventory

with custom labels and barcodes using our adhesive barcode and commercial label printer.

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At Cobra Systems, we take great pride in providing world-class customer service and have hundreds of great reviews to prove it. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about their experiences working with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cobra Systems was founded in 1989 and has over 30 years of experience in workplace safety and an unrivaled understanding of national and worldwide best practices and codes to fulfill specific needs

Cobra Systems works with a variety of industries, including:

  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Office and Retail
  • Manufacturing

Cobra Systems is proud to be the number one choice for a variety of workplace safety solutions, such as:

  • Industrial Signage
  • Custom Label Printing
  • Print Solutions
  • Industrial Labels, Stickers, and Signage
  • Safety Signs and Labels 

A VnM printer is a standalone sign and label maker for small to medium signs and labels (1″ to 4″ wide) and is fast, easy to use, and cost-effective, making it the ideal solution for improving workplace safety.

Cobra Systems specializes in the following products:

  • VnM Printers
  • Tapes and Supplies
  • VnM Accessories
  • Striker Printers
  • Reminder Stickers
  • Striker Accessories
  • Safety Sign Printers and Supplies
  • Service Reminder Printers and Supplies
  • And more!

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