Terms & Conditions

Limited Lifetime Warranty & Standard Warranty

Cobra Systems, Inc. Commitment to Customers
We at Cobra Systems, Inc. (hereafter known as Cobra Systems) make products that are durable, yet flexible enough for any environment or application. Our goal is to also build long lasting, quality relationships with our customers. So as an industry first, we are proud to offer a full “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on all Cobra Systems, Inc. name brand printers.

*Lifetime Warranty
Cobra Systems will warranty all company name brand printers for the lifetime of each product against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship. Name brand and printers covered under this warranty are as follows*.

    • Brand, Cobra Systems specific printers such as; Neo, Ophis and Solo Printers.
    • Brand, VnM specific printers such as; VnM4, VnM8 and VnM-BP24.
  • Brand name Striker, specific printers such as; Striker3 and Striker Pro.

* This list may change at any time as products are discontinued or new items are brought to market. Please call for an updated list or if you have questions regarding your units coverage. *Thermal & thermal transfer print-heads may not be covered under lifetime warranty program, Please refer to the “Limited: definition, as below.

Any printer made by Cobra Systems, Inc. for eBarcode, VnM and Striker and sold under these names are covered for the life of the units, as long as the customer complies with the conditions of the warranty are followed. Eligible printers are units Sold after Jan.1, 2014. Any printer sold before this date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may require technical updates, which might have cost implications or reasons for exclusion from the Lifetime Warranty program.

Some units may require replacement of the Print-head unit, Thermal and thermal transfer printers use a thermal print-head and under standard use, may eventually require replacement.  These thermal & thermal transfer print-heads are considered to be a consumable component of the printer and as a result replacement of these parts may not be covered under the full Lifetime Warranty program. All units will be reviewed and appropriately handled based on multiple factors i.e.; Customer history, Unit condition, Service history of the printer and Purchasing habits. A Sales representative will inform customer of findings within 72 hours of receiving the unit at Cobra Systems location.

All thermal and thermal transfer printers that have been appropriately operated in normal “wear & tear” environment with service, spare parts and consumables purchased from Cobra Systems will be covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty program.

Conditions of the warranty are:

  1. Each Printers Serial Number must be registered either by Mail or Online to include; Company name, Operator/Purchaser, Business address, Contact name and phone number, along with valid email address.
  2. All units are properly maintained and serviced regularly. Free of misuse or damage due to improper use, neglected, altered, improperly set up or otherwise damaged; and, there shall be no evidence of tampering or deliberate misuse or destruction.
  3. Units warranty condition set by fully utilizing ONLY Cobra Systems Ink ribbons and media rolls to guarantee product functions properly and maintains efficiency.
  4. Limited lifetime warranty is valid for the life cycle of each unit and as long as parts are still being manufactured and/or available but not discontinued. (Life cycle of some part and/or media are not controlled by Cobra Systems 3rd Party components are a supply and demand commodity and may or may not be available.)
  5. Defects to Cobra Systems products will be determined solely by Cobra Systems and not by any representative, distributor or dealer of, or for the company.  Upon determination of a defect, Cobra Systems sole obligation will be to repair or replace the defective part with same or similar product.
  6. Any claim against Cobra Systems for defects in product or workmanship must be in writing.  Cobra Systems must authorize all returns of any alleged or defective part/s before it is returned.  The party making the claim must prepay all shipping and transportation costs. Cobra Systems will not accept charges for parts purchased unless the conditions of the warranty have been satisfied.
  7. Cobra Systems reserves the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part thereof, at any time without prior notice.  In such cases Cobra Systems may, at its sole discretion, substitute the warranted product.
  8. No Cobra Systems representative, distributor or reseller is authorized to assume for Cobra Systems any other obligations or liabilities in connection with the products, or alter the terms of this warranty in any way.
  9. Cobra Systems shall not be liable for damages, including special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the performance of a Cobra Systems product or its use by the owner.
  10. Non-Cobra Systems made products carry the warranty extended by their manufacturer only and will not be covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty herein.

Cobra Systems will extend Limited Lifetime Warranty to cover any and all Striker 3, Striker Pro, VnM4 and Vnm8 Printers sold After January 1 2014, as long as the Purchasing Company follows the Conditions of the Warranty above (steps 1 through 10).

Any units Purchased, but fail to conform to the warranty conditions above, will carry a Standard Warranty of 3 years, see “Standard Warranty”, as below.
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Standard Warranty
Should a problem be experienced with any Cobra Systems, Inc. product within its given warranty period (3 years), please contact Cobra Systems Customer Service Department to determine the nature of the product failure and to establish an adequate solution.  If a return for repair is needed, returns must be made within 30 business days of the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Print head warranties are covered for 12 months (1Year) or 1 million inches (25 km) whichever comes first from date of delivery of unit. Verify coverage with a customer service representative or your product specification documentation.

Return Policy
Verify each shipment immediately upon receipt against Cobra Systems packing list to ensure accuracy.  If a discrepancy is found, please contact the Cobra Systems Customer Service Department immediately.  Cobra Systems accepts an even price exchange of standard products within 30 working days from delivery with no restocking fees.

Should a return be requested of unused product for any reason other than a warranty matter, within 60 days after the shipping date; contact Cobra Systems Customer Service Department for a determination if Cobra Systems will accept the desired return. Cobra Systems will carry out a full inspection of product upon return.  All returns of this nature are subject to a 25% restocking fee.  Returns will not be accepted more than 60 days after the shipping date unless otherwise indicated.

Freight Damage:
Products arriving damaged in shipping is a ‘non-warranty issue’ and claims must be made against the freight carrier with notification to Cobra Systems Customer Service Department within 3 business days of receiving product.  Digital photos may be required to document damage to the shipping container and/or product.  Please be sure to sign for the package(s) as ‘damaged’.  Upon authorization to return the damaged product, all returns must be made to Cobra Systems within 30 days of delivery.

Order Cancellation:
Order cancellations must be made in writing with receipt of the cancellation confirmed.  Cancellation of a production order for which Cobra Systems, Inc. has produced any custom features may result in Cobra Systems, Inc. fully charging for development time and labor, or imposing a minimum cancellation fee of up to 50% of the purchase/sale price.