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How an Industrial Printer Makes Shipping Easy

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The printing industry is worth over $68 billion. That’s because there are multiple printing solutions for both personal and business use.

If you’re looking to improve your business printing process, you should give industrial printing a chance. Industrial printers offer more than your standard printer.

The types of businesses that commonly use industrial printers include distribution centers, warehouses, and factories. However, a myriad of different companies can benefit from industrial printers — especially e-commerce businesses.

Here’s why an industrial printer will benefit the shipping process, as well as some of the other advantages they offer.

Why an Industrial Printer Makes Shipping Easier

The most significant advantage of industrial printers during the shipping process is you can ship whenever you want. Many businesses don’t realize how long the labeling process takes. If you rely on your local postal office, there’s a chance your package could be delayed because of labeling issues.

Magazine offset printing machine close up

You don’t have to worry about this if you have an industrial printer. You can design and print labels at your own convenience. Since you can print on adhesive material, you can stick the label directly on the package.

From here, all you have to do is mail your package.

You can use many techniques to print shipping labels. However, thermal transfer printing is recommended. Thermal transfer printing gives your shipping labels that glossy and crisp surface. Your shipping label will also have better clarity and will be easier to read.

Industrial printers can use thermal transfer printing. This way, you’ll have beautiful and high-quality shipping labels every time. This is not only beneficial to the shipping company, but your customers will be thinking more highly of your brand.

Another benefit of using a shipping label printer is you have more creativity. You can print in color, and most are compatible with different PCs and software programs. This means you can print shipping labels in a variety of sizes, designs, and even shapes.

By printing your own shipping labels with an industrial printer, you can save money. You don’t have to rely on a third-party or the post office to print your labels.

Other Benefits of an Industrial Printer

Industrial printers offer more benefits outside of shipping. Here are a few of the most notable benefits.

Barcode Printing

Printing barcodes is essential, depending on the type of business you run. Barcodes help you track products, shelf life, quantity, and more.

Most industrial printers have the ability to print barcodes. This way, you can easily track all of the products in your warehouse. All you have to do is print the barcode, attach it to the packaging, and scan it to know all about a product. This way, you can better track your barcodes.

You can easily print your barcodes using different industrial printers, such as a sticker printer, label printer, and more.

Thermal Transfer Printing

We mentioned thermal transfer printing in a previous section, but it’s important to emphasize this printing technique. Thermal transfer printing is beneficial because they have high resistance to fading. You can use this printing technique on different materials, such as polyester and vinyl.

Another benefit of thermal transfer printing is you can print graphics as well as text. This is the ideal option if your business relies on printing designs and graphics as opposed to text.

Sublimation printer for productive and quality printing of textiles and promotional items

On-Demand Label Printing

This benefit not only applies to shipping labels but all other labels and necessities you need to print. You don’t have to rely on a third-party for your printing needs. You can print your labels and other materials whenever you need, saving time and money.


Printing custom labels will give your business a better image versus a generic label. And you can achieve custom labels with an industrial sticker printer.

Industrial printers are more flexible than your average printer. You have other creative freedoms, such as designing your printed materials in a way that better represents your brand and image. You can apply these designs to your printed materials, labels, and other fabrications.

Better Keeps up With Regulations and Standards

There are always different regulations in every industry. In case some of these regulations monitor signage, product labeling, and other essential factors, an industrial printer will be there when any new changes occur. You don’t have to wait on a third-party printing company to help you stay compliant.

Visual Awareness

Visual awareness not only keeps your staff safe but is also required by OSHA. Sure, you can buy these signs. Or, you can create your own signs. You can design them yourself and print them out whenever you need them.

You can also easily create and print signs based on your workplace’s unique needs, not simply settling for generic safety signs.

Easy to Use

Even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, industrial printers are easy to use. Modern industrial printers simply plug in and connect to your computer.

Most industrial printers are compatible with just about every device. You can also connect your printer to other software platforms, such as Microsoft, Adobe, and other products.

Budget-Friendly Option

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Instead of buying a printer, many businesses would trust third-party companies with their printing needs. This increases costs and may not save you a significant amount of time.

With an industrial printer, you handle most printing in-house. You don’t need to buy into a third-party outsourcing service. Since industrial printers can print a variety of materials, you can handle most of your printing in-house.

Use an Industrial Printer Today

Does your business use an industrial printer? If not, these reasons should be enough to convince you to buy a printer.

Are you ready to buy your new industrial printer? Before you buy a printer, you should understand what you’ll use your printer for. That’s because different printers are made for various purposes.

Here at Cobra Systems, Inc., we offer two advanced printing systems: VnM and Striker. VnM is ideal for making signs, and Striker is perfect for stickers and labels. Shop with us today and learn more about our printers as well as our other solutions.

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