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How Do I Create Product Barcodes as a Small Business Owner?

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Everything has a barcode. Fortunately, humans don’t (yet), but pretty much every product these days has a barcode.

Product barcodes are a modern necessity. Small business owners need them just as much as giant corporations do.

An entrepreneur who’s just getting started may wonder how to create barcodes. Wonder no more with this guide to making barcodes.

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Let’s start with how they’re made. They’re generated using the software.

You can choose what information (color, quantity, type) you want to gather with the barcode. Then you can choose its format. The software then auto-generates a machine-readable barcode.

You can even make custom barcodes that allow you to create your own product numbers and symbology. All you need are software on your computer, a label maker, and a scanner. Once the barcode is created, you can start printing and labeling your products.

Barcodes are unique to each product, not each item. You must strike a balance between too broadly and too narrowly assigning barcodes.

Assigning them too broadly results in failing to distinguish between individual product types. On the other hand, assigning them too narrowly leads to waste barcodes and useless data segmentation.

Barcodes can’t be reused. Don’t reuse them unless you’re making a second batch of a previously barcoded product. Every other situation calls for a new barcode.

Reusing barcodes reduces inventory and product visibility.

Creating Barcodes

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There are even more reasons to make barcodes.

They quicken the checkout process. Your company’s employees won’t have to enter quantity, price, and other product details manually. You can also put barcodes on receipts to speed up the exchange or return process.

Stock management benefits from barcodes, too. They make it easier to track their stock quantities and location.

You can use a barcode scanner to look up any of your products and view their data. You choose which data to keep in your online database or POS.

With your interest in barcodes at its peak, learn more about its cousins, QR codes, and SKUs.

The first time a small business owner has to create barcodes can be intimidating. It can seem impossible to do it all by yourself.

Luckily, you can hire a printer. They will save you time and money on making barcodes. They can simplify the process and provide as many or as few barcode labels as desired.

Hiring a printer is the best way to make barcodes.

The Business of Barcodes

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There’s no getting around it: your business needs barcodes. Now more than ever, there are a million and one things to worry about as a small business owner. Barcodes shouldn’t be one of them.

Properly managed, barcodes are a blessing. They bring an abundance of order and organization to your company. Every product has a user identity that serves multiple purposes simultaneously.

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