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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Printer Company

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With the move towards online business and marketing, printing still fills the needs that many companies have. Custom signs, billboards, and other promotional material would still need the help of printers. An industrial printing company makes it possible for other businesses to fill that aspect with new printer models capable of producing in bulk.

In looking for an industrial printer company, you need to take note of various factors. Today, we will look at those factors to help you find a printer company that can provide you the best results.

1. Company Reputation

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In looking for industrial printing services, your starting point of reference is knowing the company’s reputation. You may find various printing companies within your area that would have notable information about them.

Check out their reputation as you look into their background. This is where you also check with other contacts to see how well the printing company operates. Try to ask about their experiences with said company and see if it is worth going for.

Try also to check their website or business page. This can help you glance at their portfolio and other testimonials, which leads us to the next part.

2. Reviews and Previous Projects

In checking the print company’s reputation, you also need to check their previous collaborative projects. One way to look into this is in their portfolio and their customer reviews.

Here, you would see testimonials from other clients. You can see their satisfaction with the service.

What if you don’t see the references and reviews, but you see the portfolio? For that, you can check with the ones who were part of the collaborative projects.

Try to see if you can contact the people involved in the collaboration. Ask about their experience with the print quality and other various details. This should give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

3. Print Quality

The next thing to look into is the printing quality that they offer. For this, you can ask for print samples to help you gauge the product quality. An appealing message can stand out when used with quality materials to bring people to see it.

You have a few factors to consider when looking at print quality. You have to pay attention to the materials used, how the colors look on them, and the finishing.

Here are some pointers for each:

Choice of Material

The material is one of the critical factors in printing quality. It has a significant bearing on the other components.

Most printing companies would provide clients the option to choose their preferred material for printing. With that in mind, there is a tendency to select low-quality materials for a lower price.

There is a problem with using low-quality printing materials. These would end up compromising its longevity. Requesting free samples can help you with this decision.


Printing house, service of the printing process. Printing plotter support, the printer operates the machine

Another factor that you should pay attention to is the colors used for the printing. Clients with knowledge of color theory would have an idea of how to put this to their advantage

The problem is that some people choose low-quality inks. They think that it would suffice for their prints.

Certain shades come to life with better quality inks. The more shades you want to bring out, the better the ink quality should be.



When checking the print samples or the finished product, look at the finer details. One particular instance is cropping. For this one, look at it closely to see if they centered the image correctly or if they cut it properly.

As for the printed surface, be on the lookout for other finer details. There might be traces of dust or subtle lines on them.

These traces indicate issues with the printer. For instance, the printer needs a proper cleaning cycle before pushing for another.

4. Printing Process

Checking the print quality lets you see what the product would look like. Consider asking about the printing process as well. The reason behind this is to let you know the timeframe and the stages behind the production.

By knowing the printing process, you can determine more than just the timeframe for each stage. You can also project the quality and the turnaround time.

5. Turnaround Timeframe

We briefly mentioned the turnaround time in the previous point, but this becomes a key factor in situations where you need rush jobs. Quick deliveries are among the most significant hurdles of printing companies.

A industrial commercial envelope making machine

When looking for industrial printing services, take a look at their delivery timeframe. Some companies offer fast printing and same-day printing. What makes them stand out is that they have a consistent print quality.

6. Prices

With all the details about the quality, you also need to look at the prices behind it. Check their printing fees and the services provided. Compare this with your available budget and look for a sweet spot on the price.

What you want here is a price that doesn’t go too cheap that it sacrifices quality. You also want to go for a price that doesn’t cost too much that it eats up your resources. Strike for a middle ground to get the best of both.

7. Customer Service

What is the likely outcome of this process? It is that you would be in a long-term partnership with the printing company that you choose.

This is where customer service comes to play. You need a printing service that delivers excellent customer service. This makes the partnership rewarding as both the printing service and your business benefit from each other.

Try an Industrial Printer Company Today

You need an industrial printer company that provides you with quality products using the best materials within your budget. To that end, partner up with a printer company that can offer you the best of both.

We can assist you with your industrial printing needs. We take on signage, labels, and much more. You can contact us today to get started, and we will get in touch with you right away.

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5 Ways Hiring an Industrial Printer Can Benefit Your Business

Large format printing machine in operation. Industry

Are you considering hiring an industrial printer for your business? Even if you’ve never used an industrial printer before, you’ve probably seen its products.

Have you ever handled anything with warning labels or industrial barcodes? Have you seen a product that comes with stickers on it? If you have, you’ve seen what industrial printers can do. They specialize in printing business-related labels and stickers, so you can print what you need for your products!

But what are some of the top five ways hiring an industrial printing company helps your business? Keep reading below to find out!

What Is an Industrial Printer Company?

So, what does an industrial printer company do? How do they differ from any other type of printing?

If you’ve used a professional printer for your promotional materials, you may conflate an industrial printer with agencies that make brochures, newsletters, and magazines. While both types of companies do similar things–they print–they don’t work on the same products.

When you use an industrial printer, you get materials for your products, usually in the form of labels and other stickers.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Industrial Printing?

So, what are some of the benefits of industrial printing?

Using an industrial printer company allows you to get high-quality materials quickly. Let’s get into some of the more specific benefits below.

1. You Can Get Branded Stickers

Large printer format inkjet working

Have you ever seen a brand use a sticker as a marketing tool?

If you’ve ever purchased a product, you most likely have. Businesses often put their logo or other branded content on stickers. They either place the stickers on their boxes and products or give them out as a free bonus to their clients.

This is an inexpensive way to market your brand. After all, once you’ve paid for the stickers, you can use them on whatever you’d like. Many businesses choose to place them on items purchased by the client so that everyone who comes into contact with the product or package becomes aware of their business.

When you give stickers out to your clients, you’re also advertising. If the client chooses to place the sticker on one of their items–say, their water bottle or laptop–everyone who sees this item will become aware of your brand. It also reminds the customer to make purchases in the future.

2. Get Necessary Items in Mass Quantities

Usually, when you use an industrial printing company, you don’t just need one or two copies of what you’ll receive.

While other printing companies specialize in printing professional business materials, such as brochures or newsletters, industrial printers commonly make items such as labels, stickers, and barcodes. They can produce these items in mass quantities.

This is good news for you. Usually, when you need these types of items, you need them for a wide variety of products and uses. These companies can handle a large number of items, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough. Instead, just decide how many of each printing project you want to order and find a printing company.

3. They’re Cost-Effective

Are you used to all of your printing projects costing you a lot of money?

Are you wanting to learn how you can save money on your overhead costs while still getting the products you need?

If so, industrial printers are for you. We specialize in developing your projects professionally and for the lowest possible cost. This ensures that you get exactly what you need without having to overextend your budget.

In particular, we work with our own VnM SignMaker and Striker printing, working within office and retail, automotive, facility safety, shipping and logistics, and other industries. No matter what types of labels you need, we can create products that meet your objectives.

4. Keep Everyone Safe

Do you handle a lot of dangerous chemicals in your business? Do you produce items that contain hazards?

If so, you likely want to know how to keep your employees and clients safe. Companies have the responsibility to let others know about the potential hazards associated with using their products, and you might be held liable for not meeting safety regulations if you fail to notify people about safe handling and usage.

Should you want to avoid liability, you should print warning labels to stick on your products. This lets everyone know they should adhere to strict caution when handling what you produce.

Putting the proper labels on your products also keeps them from becoming damaged during shipping. Even if you don’t have any hazardous materials in your items, they might get jostled around when they’re in transit from you to your client. If they arrive in less than brand-new condition, your customer may become dissatisfied, which negatively impacts your reputation.

To encourage those in the shipping industry to take care, use industrial printers to produce labels that state your items are fragile. That way, you increase the likelihood your products will reach their recipient unharmed.

5. Get Your Labels on Demand

Do you find it difficult to predict how many labels your business will need? Do you want enough to use on your current orders and products but aren’t sure how many you’ll need in the future?

If so, you need an option that allows you to get just as many labels whenever you need them. Fortunately, industrial printing will enable you to do just that, making sure you get exactly what you need at the right time.

When you put in an initial order, we work hard to have it done as soon as possible, getting the best results when you need them. Then, when you begin to run out, simply place another order, and get more of the labels and barcodes you need.

This ensures that your business stays up and running with no interruptions.

Need an Industrial Printer Company?

Do you need to use an industrial printer?

Industrial printing meets any label needs your company may have. From saving you money to getting you what you need, when you need it, these companies produce high-quality labels that further your advertising and keep your workers and clients safe.

Do you need an industrial printer? If so, contact us today!

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