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Chimboo 2.0, is a Cloud based Inventory and Asset tracking/management utility, that includes an attractive user-friendly interface.
Chimboo 2.0 was developed for small to midsizes businesses, struggling with Inventory or Asset tracking. We collaborated with huindreds of customers to provide a solution that followed most company's basic inventory tracking and warehouse management formulas. Then we set our own expectaion and standards by making it FAST, EASY-TO-USE and, most of all, COST EFFECTIVE.
Create locations within any warehouse and map the corresponding assets to that location. Then by using the web interface, users can record the movement of the assets with time & date stamp accuracy. Other features include the ability to flag items that need to be reordered, product import and export capability, and individual user access control. Managing a business has never been easier!
Our customers look to us for solution in Warehousing, Manufacturing and Distribution and when it comes to Asset tracking or managing inventory, nothing comes closer to solving their issue like Chimboo. We have over 500 registered Chimboo users, using the software to track everything from Nut and Bolts to High Density Foam, Top of the line Security Surveillance Equipment to Bottling plants. Chimboo can even be used in Unified School Districts to College Universities, Endless possibilities
Quick Key Features:
1. Single Screen Control Center/Dashboard
2. Muliple Locations
3. Re-Order Suggestions
4. Quicker Inventory/Asset Audits
5. Separate Corporate Data
6. Manageing Vendors
7. Detailed “Pull” History
8. East Import and Export of Data

Customers love feedback and the number one thing our customers are saying they love the most, is the home screens Analytic and Statistics charts. At a glance they can see how their inventory is doing, what may need to be ordered or what should be putting on Sale. Quick and easy to understand.

We spent alot of time creating a tool that work in the real world, able to stand up to anything on the global market today. We made it easy-to-use so that training others within the company could opperate and understand the system in a matter of hours not days, months or years. We even built in a Step-by-step tutorial to help navigate all the processes so you can learn eveerything you need to get started in Tracking and manageing your inventory/assets.
For more information Call: 800-400-6437