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Auto Marketing & Service
Cobra Systems is a focused provider to the "Aftermarket" Auto Industry, with products & services designed specifically to address immediate auto marketing growth opportunities.
New Technology
Cobra Systems has software, middle-ware and hardware to assist auto industry retailers to enhance their competitive image and effectively improve local marketing using "new" products & concepts.

Cobra Systems provides unique printing solutions addressing more useful (value add) Monroney sticker labeling and regular service / oil change reminder stickers. Additionally, our "cloud-based" software simplifies the task of knowing just what you have on the shelves, in the workshop, and in all locations of inventory!
Monroney Stickers & Labels
Cobra's solution for Monroney Stickers & Labeling is unique and produces better resale prices, returns and efficiencies for the "New" and "Used Car" sales. If you do not know about our labeling system for Monroney stickers, then you are most certainly leaving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the table with every vehicle you sell.
Inventory Control
Our Chimboo (Inventory & Asset Management) cloud-based software is low cost, simple-to-use and designed to enhance the management of products and spare parts for any small to medium sized business (SMB).

Barcode printers, barcode labels and barcode scanners compliment, simplify and reduce the time spent counting & locating products, assets and inventory.
Oil/Lube Reminder Stickers
For Service, Spare parts, Tire sales and Oil Change business, then you should be well aware of the Cobra Systems "Striker III" and "Striker Pro" reminder sticker print systems.
Cobra Systems STRIKER printers are, by far, the easiest-to-use and most cost effective method to retain YOUR customers with a reminder of when & where to return to YOU for service. Enhancing your corporate image and implementing external efficiency with each reminder sticker, introduces multiple marketing capabilities assuring higher return on your investment.
Optional use of QR codes enable retailers to get closer to customers and build a New Age database for future Internet Marketing.

Thousands of Striker print systems are in use daily throughout North America.

Watch our info video about Striker's reminder sticker print systems.
We Make Industrial Printing Easy
Using Cobra Systems print solution for the Automotive Industry you will...

• Get your customers coming back, more often. (Some stores see 35 - 40% improvement)

• Up-sell and get better sales returns from "New" and "Used Car" Sales.

• Improve the Corporate image of your business. (Be in front of the customer every day.)

• Improve your retail efficiency and grow your business.

• ...and so much more!